ChroniSense in the News: Forbes Article on Remote Patient Monitoring

January 12, 2020 – ChroniSense Medical was recently mentioned in Forbes, commenting on the trends in remote patient monitoring (RPM) and on the role Polso™ plays in the transformation of healthcare delivery. 

In the article, Stephen Wunker unpacked both the current tailwinds and uncertainties that will impact RPM as it continues to gain momentum. ChroniSense Medical’s CEO Bridget Ross provided some industry insight on the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) RPM reimbursement codes, saying, “To ensure both adequate patient care and appropriate use of the RPM codes for reimbursement, we are seeing increased clarity on what does and does not qualify for RPM payment by CMS. For example, CMS has defined a specific code for a 20-minute call to set up a patient for RPM, then additional coding for ongoing monitoring, as well as codes for collection and interpretation of data on a per-patient-per-month basis.”

Ross also alluded to the rapid improvement of home healthcare devices, which provide enhanced predictive accuracy, saying, “There’s an explosion of more accurate information from devices. For instance, we can now pick up a trove of data from sensing the radial artery on the inside of the wrist with a watch-like device such as our Polso™ watch.” 

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